(v) to realise organic exponential growth

Customer focused, data driven, strategic, and entrepreneurial, bloom³ thrive to inspire and deliver value through agile project teams across organisations.
Companies can leverage our skills, knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to unlock 10X potentials beyond the paradigms they are locked within.


The Founder, Jim Shaw, is a passionate, successful leader in high value manufacturing with world class technology and luxury sector companies.
Highly skilled in digital transformation, delivering creative thought leadership in luxury product and service innovation.

A consultation process to make your business…


Following a mandatory deep dive analysis, the bloom approach is one of increasing business development through 3 definitive stages. Reliant on your ambition and unique challenges, a bespoke plan of action can be defined and realised from the applicable elements of the framework.



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Digital Growth

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#0 Germinate

Vision and Ambition

  • Interviews with leadership to check if an holistic vision exists and is shared
  • Deploy various tools to establish the ambition to achieve the vision and the awareness of any gaps and significant challenges


Organisational Review

  • Deep dive on the core value proposition of current business model(s)
  • Mapping of the key capabilities (organisational structures, processes and governance)


Digital Audit

  • IT review of enterprise architecture with key stakeholders
  • Measuring digital maturity using frameworks pertinent to the business model


Sew / No Sew Report

  • Comprehensive frank output that clarifies the current status
  • Proposal to STOP or
  • A Plan to continue through the appropriate phases and stages

#1 Digital Growth

Digital Community

  • Engage staff with a digital role, aptitude or mindset through a series of workshops
  • Foster the community with a platform to exchange ideas and experiences
  • Hold monthly town halls with inspirational content and feedback plans


Hack the business

  • Bring new perspectives to old problems
  • Consider how top quartile competitors operate differently
  • Explore beyond your sphere in other industries / cultures
  • Identify Quick wins and low hanging fruit


Digital Strategy

  • Agree the ‘massive transformational purpose’
  • Use the strategic framework to layout:
    – the primary goals
    – strategic priorities
    – domains
    – key enablers & partnerships


Technology Roadmap and prioritise early portfolio

  • Use tools to map digital technologies to corporate objectives
  • Populate the portfolio with the first projects from hackathon in line with strategy:
    – four guiding value pools of improving customer experience, employee experience, operational efficiency and business decisions
    – prioritise enablers in customer journey, robotic automation, data management & analytics
  • Implement portfolio governance and guiding principles for steering digital strategy

#2 Innovate

Roleout activity based working

  • Operational efficiencies create the time for innovation
  • Pilot employee persona definitions
  • Process mapping of personas and work modes:
    – Collaboration
    – Communication
    – Concentration


Implement structured Innovation process

  • Deploy methodologies for the four phases:
    – Scout
    – Ideate
    – Test
    – Scale


Incentivise and scale engagement

  • Target an Innovation Culture across entire corporate intellectual capital
  • Gamification with specific innovation tools for scale and efficiency
  • Methodologies to embed innovation in personal development plans and objectives
  • Communicate results across whole organisation


Open innovation

  • Directions on themes and suitability
  • Engage on chosen platform and communities


Value based audit

  • Monitor outcomes against target
  • Take stock on achievements and deliver report on strategy / ambition adjustment

#3 Transcend

Diversification and growth strategy

  • Revisit the digital strategy, new emphasis on strongest core capabilities and largest profit pools
  • Deploy 9 box methodology, where to play and how to win


Deploy Service design canvas

  • Augment value proposition and business model canvas experience
  • Introduce diversification projects into the innovation pipeline


Joint ventures

  • Share the risk and reward in breaking into new markets


Mergers and acquisitions

  • If alignment of purpose is confirmed this can be the most expedient approach to exponential outcomes



  • Advice and support at board level to realise transcendence through non executive directorships
  • Specialising in:
    – corporate strategy
    – digital transformation delivery
    – leading agile cross functional project teams
    – luxury product and service design
    – building an innovation culture
  • From Scale ups (for both PE and non PE funded businesses) to fully listed global corporations

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